The 2022 AMSCA Emma E. Vogel Awards

14 Feb 2023 8:44 PM | Anonymous

in 2022, there were three COL Emma Vogel Award recipients, awarded at the 2022 San Antonio Biennial AMSCA Meeting. The 2022 awardees are: COL Jessie Brewer, MAJ Teresa Dillon and COL Karen Hobson.


In 1983 a small group of retired Army Medical Specialist Corps officers met to discuss the potential formation of Retired Army Medical Specialist Corps Association. The stated goals were Service, Education and Social. This initial group recognized that it would take more than a few individuals to formulate a viable organization. It would take individuals to participate and give generously of their time and talents to sustain such an organization. One of these individuals is one of 2022's COL EMMA E. VOGEL recipients. She has provided exceptional service through her leadership, personal influence, and sustained activity since the inception of RAMSCA/AMSCA. As the Chief, Army Medical Specialist Corps from 1982-1986, during the time RAMSCA was being formed, she actively and wholeheartedly supported the efforts of this group from the Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG). Following retirement, she wholeheartedly began volunteering for a multitude of positions within RAMSCA. Positions which she has held, within RAMSCA, include:

  • Awards Committee in 1989 and 1990
  • By Laws Committee (1989)
  • Finance Committee 2005-2013
  • RAMSCA President from 1999-2003

She was personally involved in soliciting pledges from the AMSCs to honor COL Vogel who was clearly a key driver in the events of a significant period of AMEDD history and the AMSC. Always interested in supporting education-al pursuits by AMSCs, she was involved in helping to establish the RAMSCA Nannie Rudd Evans Endowment Fund. In 2014, she coordinated with COL Dorothy Pinkston to propose the establishment of the Betty Lambertson Memorial Newsletter Fund. In addition to all her activities, she is always willing to represent RAMSCA/AMSCA, including attendance at funerals, AMEDD activities in San Antonio, graduations, receptions, etc. She received the RAMSCA Special Recognition Medallion in 2003 (established in 1994 to recognize individuals who have provided extraordinary service and dedication to RAMSCA). Fifty years after the formation of the AMSC, RAMSCA established the Colonel Emma E. Vogel award to recognize individuals who truly emulate COL Vogel’s exceptional service. Without a doubt, for almost forty years, this individual has demonstrated that exceptional leadership, personal influence, and tireless sustained activity within RAMSCA/AMSCA. Not only has RAMSCA/AMSCA benefitted from her efforts, but the active component has received significant support in their endeavors. COL Jessie S. Brewer represents the highest traditions and standards in service to AMSCA and in the legacy of Colonel Vogel, the first Corps Chief of the AMSC. It is my pleasure to award the 2022 COL Emma E Vogel Award to COL Jessie S. Brewer.


This 2022 COL Emma E. Vogel Award recipient has consistently provided exceptional service to the Army Medical Specialist Corps Association through her strong leadership, her mentorship of other AMSCA members and her sustained activity within the AMSCA for 13 years. Her contributions have been many:

  • Member of the RAMSCA/AMSCA Board of Directors for 12 years
  • Member of planning committees of 4 Biennial Meetings, 2011, 2017, 2019, 2022
  • RAMSCA/AMSCA President 2015 - 2002
  • RAMSCA/AMSCA Newsletter Editor for several years. This occurred during her Presidency when no one else was able to step forward

Through her mentorship, she has consistently encouraged and enabled, RAMSCA/AMSCA members to assume more active roles in the organization, as committee members and Board of Director positions. This is evident with the new slate of Officers and Members of the incoming BOD. This recipient is innovative in her thinking, especially in identifying ways that AMSCA can better meet the needs and interests of its members. Due to this recipient’s innovative approach, critical thinking and problem solving skills, she enabled AMSCA to “survive” the challenges of the COVID “era”. Her position as AMSCA President continued well beyond its original term with her commitment to keep the position filled. Without her commitment, many of us ponder where AMSCA would be today. Due to her leadership and commitment, the Army Medical Specialist Corps Association will continue well into the future. MAJ Teresa Dillon truly emulates the exceptional service of COL Vogel and is most deserving of the 2022 COL Emma E. Vogel Award.


This 2022 Col Emma E. Vogel Award recipient’s successful career in the Army Medical Specialist Corps and as a leader in the Army Medical Specialist Corps Association is due to her vision, values, dedication, and knowledge that she always applies to the job and to life to improve and enrich. In the AMSCA, formerly RAMSCA, she has provided effective and insightful leadership in several roles since 1997. Whenever she saw a need, it was seen as an opportunity to serve, accomplishing the job with dedication and excellence. Her contributions have been many:

  • Several terms as Regional Director
  • Biennial Planning Committee Chair for Branson 2003 and St Louis 2013
  • Biennial Meeting Registration Coordinator for 3 meetings
  • Newsletter Editor for 3 years
  • President for 2 terms
  • Assistant Treasurer for several terms

COL Karon Hobson has served the Army Medical Specialist Corps Association with dedication, passion, excellence, and joy for many years and is indeed deserving of the COL Emma E. Vogel Award for 2022.

The principal office of the Association is 15530 Clover Ridge, San Antonio, TX 78248-1333.
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