The 2019 AMSCA Emma E. Vogel Award

14 Feb 2023 8:40 PM | Anonymous

The 2019 COL EMMA E. VOGEL AWARD  recipient is  LTC Janice Rambo. She has given generously of her time, energy and talents in pursuit of AMSCA goals.

  • Mid-Western Regional Director 2007-2014
  • Member of 2 AMSCA Biennial Meetings Planning Committees: Branson, MO 2003; St Louis, MO 2015
  • Prior to serving as AMSCA Treasurer, since 2014, she was on the RAMSCA Finance Committee as assistant to the Treasurer.

She has been innovative in updating AMSCA’s accounting practices and bringing financial reports current with state-of-the-art electronic reporting. Her budget and financial reports and requests are always completed in a timely manner. LTC Rambo has worked closely with the Membership Chair to ensure membership lists and dues paid/due are current. She is consistently available to the AMSCA President, responding to any requests providing innovative ideas to continue AMSCA’s success today and into the future.

The principal office of the Association is 15530 Clover Ridge, San Antonio, TX 78248-1333.
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