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What is included in the AMSCA Membership?

AMSCA publishes two newsletters and a membership roster each year. The two newsletters (Spring and Fall editions) provide information about matters affecting retired officers, updates on current AMSC activities and accomplishments, and news of individual AMSCA members. The Membership Roster is published with the Fall Newsletter, and contains the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of all members who have given permission for their names/numbers to be included.

Membership Meetings are held every two years. These meetings have been enjoyable and excellent opportunities to both get together with old friends and make new ones. Learn about our next meeting. Please join us and enjoy the camaraderie and social activities at our meetings.

We notify all members by email of important events, to include the sad news of passing members. In addition, we have an awards system to recognize our members, and an endowment for research grants and college scholarships.

We have low annual dues of $20. After your initial membership, you can renew annually, or for your convenience, pay for a 3-yr membership ($60). The membership year runs from Sep 1st to Aug 31st, but you may join at any time.

Who is eligible to join AMSCA?

Any current or past AMSC officer (with an honorable discharge) may join AMSCA.

Join online using PayPal, credit card, or check. Or, join by mail, using this membership application form.

All membership applications will be reviewed for eligibility before the membership becomes active.

To renew, login to the members section. If you prefer, you can renew by mail with this form.

If necessary, visit the Adobe Reader website for the free download.

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Any current or past AMSC officer (with an honorable discharge) may join AMSCA.

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using PayPal, credit card, or check.

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Otherwise, join by mail,using this membership application form.

Questions? Contact our Membership Chair by email.